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Update: Motorola Moto G Expected Release Date and Price In India

Moto G Release date in India

Last week was an exciting week for all of  us, as the Motorola unveiled a brand new phone in its line-up that’s The all new Motorola Moto G, the phone comes with a nice set of specification with ultra low prices which till now, only companies like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava were able to provide us. But now a company like Motorola Mobility which is Google owned brand has been able to do so. Motorola has declared the price $179 for 8GB and 199$ for 16GB variant in the united stated and another american countries.

Introduction to the Motorola Moto G

The Moto G is not a Flagship phone for Motorola but it might prove itself a game changer for its smartphone lineup, which way behind the leader in market like Samsung, Apple, and Sony. The phone is planned to released worldwide soon and will give a tough competition to companies like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava and even Samsung on their mid end price range smartphones viz. below Rs.15000 price tag. Till now these Chinese and India based brand like Gionee and Micromax were able to provide Quad Core smartphone in low range by compromise on Processor quality as well as overall phone Built. But this time Motorola is the first company to provide a low budget smartphone with rather good specification on board as well as well built design which is almost similar to it’s flagship device ‘Moto X’.

Moto G packs with some awesome specification such as 4.5 HD 720p display with Corning Gorilla Glass, Snapdragon 400 quad core chipset, 5 megapixel camera with led and auto focus, android 4.3 out of the box and a kit-kat 4.4 updated guaranteed within few months . it’s almost similar looking to moto x and comes with Replaceable back panels with wide verity of colors to choose from. It also packs in a full day battery backup with 2070 mAh capacity. For full set of specification and hardware detail you can read our post here.

Dual Sim Moto G

Sources from Motorola also tells us that there will be soon a announcement of Moto G dual-sim version, which will be released in specific countries and India will be one of them. the price will be almost same as the single sim variant. but there is no such official announcement on Motorola’s website regarding this. Though we have been told that the phone will have dual active swapable sim card slots on which both of them will support 3G GSM.

Expected Release Date and Price in India

UPDATE: Though Earlier Moto G was expected to launch in US by the end of December 2013, or in January 2014. But Motorola Has Launched device IN United states early, Now People form United State can buy it. The shipping in US will start from December 2, 2013. So now it is expected that the Moto G the release in early 2014 in other countries. So Release Date in India for Moto G is expected to be end of December 2013, or in January 2014.

Motorola has Priced the Device  at very competitive rates with the other companies, It’s now following the track of Google and going on same methodology like nexus devices are going. In US it is priced at $179 of the 8GB variant which is approximately 11,300 Indian rupees and $199  for the 16GB  variant which is around 12,500 Indian rupees. But as we have seen in case of nexus 4 and nexus 5 device that they were prices slightly higher in Indian market in competition to US markets, The same thing is expected form Motorola. so it is expected that Phone will launch around Rs.12000 for the 8 GB and around Rs.13500 for 16 GB model in India.


Competition to Motorola Moto G

The price at which Motorola is going to launch it’s phone is very crucial in market like India, as maximum number of android phones are sold at this price bracket. And many Indian and chines player have captured our markets in this price range. Micromax has more than 5 phones which are quadcore and have 5′ inch screen in this market so as other brands have , a consumer has various phones to choose from these brand, But when it comes to the part of International Pioneers in smartphone market like Samsung, Sony, Htc, LG none of them has great offering in this price bracket.

The nearest competitor of the Moto G is Samsung’s Galaxy Grand Quattro / Galaxy Win duos which is a quad code phone available for around Rs.15000 price . this this phone is also no where near to Motorola’s new offering as its lack quality of display which Moto G has to offer as well as processor used in the Grand Quattro is almost 3-4 years old technology which lack behinds in terms of performance. And right now all the other brands are offering phones which obsolete technology in terms of Processor, Display size, RAM, and other aspects.

So Till now Moto G is the best Investment in the below 15000 Budget phones. not also its cheap but it also provide best in class display, great battery life, good gaming performance as well as offers  more customization options. So we will recommend you that if you are planing to buy a phone under 15000 rupees you should wait for Moto x to Release or watch for what other Smartphone Manufacturers have in reply with them to beat this beast out.

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